Tuesday, November 3, 2009

NaNo - Day Three (the DTs)

Take out garbage. Check.

Write 2000 words! Check. Oh boy.

Walk 5 kms. Check.

Buy ink, paper and sunflower seeds. Check.

Pick up the garbage the squirrels chewed through. Check.

Work 8 hours. Done.

Whine on Facebook chat. Done.

Send church emails. Done.

Clean living room. In Progress.

Print stuff to edit. Also in progress.

Make more hot chocolate. Good idea! Don't mind if I do.

Wash dishes. A woman's work is never done. A bachelorette's work is never done either, but that's because she rarely STARTS it.

Check blackberry! Yes, an email to reply to! Done.

Chat on Facebook. Play Facebook games. Done and done.

Uh...uh...shower again and clean the bathroom! Visit upstairs neighbours! Hang pictures!

Blog about sticking to the dare: Done.

Okay, so that brings us up to quarter to nine...I wonder what Sarah's doing tonight...

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