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Hello, and welcome to Nine Day Wonder!  I'm your host, Pat Flewwelling, and I'm happy you're here.

Who am I?  There's not much to tell, really.  I write, I sing in the church choir, I play the drums (badly), I'm the Regional Vice President of the Crime Writers of Canada for Quebec and the Atlantic Provinces, I'm the owner and manager of Hypergraphia Writing and Communication Services, by day I design call centre performance reports, and by night, I interview new and established authors, readers, editors, publisher and agents, just because I can

If you're wondering if I'm published, no, not really, not yet, and it doesn't matter.  I've had some luck with radio plays, but it's a very niche market.  Publication isn't as important to me as it was in recent years; now, I'm more interested in crafting a good story for the sake of having a good story to tell.  But I have always been a writer; it's how my brain is wired, and it's how I look at the world.  It's how I make sense of life.

My interest lies primarily in writing novels, specifically historical crime fiction - mysteries set in real historical periods in real(ish) places in the world.  I also like to dabble in science fiction and fantasy, but my forte really is in historical fiction.

And if I can share a little bit of the joy of being a writer - or more accurately, an artist - then all the better.

I use this blog to explore the intersection of Life and Language - how we try to wrap life in language, how we use words to construct, reshape or deconstruct reality, and how we can convey our experiences - real or imagined - using nothing but the linear progression of words.

Above all, I write for the love of a good story full of interesting people and meaningful things.  To write such a good story, therefore, I have to be exposed to people and things that make me think.  That's what I want to write about at Nine Day Wonder:  whatever inspires, whatever makes me smile, whatever sets me aflame.

All I've ever wanted was to have something to say - something that stands the test of time.

Because I want to be more than just another Nine Day Wonder.


For more information about what's offered at Hypergraphia Writing and Communication Services, contact us at Hypergraphia @ (link broken to prevent spam from this site).  Hypergraphia is your one-stop shop for all your editing, proofreading and ghostwriting needs.

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