Sunday, August 14, 2011

Ten toasts to the budding author

In case you ever get stuck at a table with a not-quite-famous writer, keep these toasts close at hand. Feel free to add your own by adding it as a comment below.

  1. May even your worst adversary begrudgingly compliment you on your work.
  2. May your readers forever outnumber your writer friends.
  3. May you make many hilarious double-entendre spelling mistakes, and heaven help you, may you catch them all before you submit the final draft.
  4. May your characters be so danged lovable that people name their kids after them.
  5. May you never accidentally burp/poot/barf/faint during your first public reading.
  6. May you catch a complete stranger reading your story.
  7. May a child blush and murmur “I want to be like you when I grow up.”
  8. May you find great success, but never satisfaction.
  9. May your gratitude forever subdue your pride.
  10. May you change many lives.

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