Saturday, July 17, 2010

Muskoka Novel Marathon - 1/3rd of the way there!

Wow...even now that I type this, I can feel how much my typing speed has dropped.

At the moment that I type this, I'm "taking a break" from writing at about quarter to two, Saturday afternoon, about 18 hours into the 72-hour marathon. And best of all, I'm a third of the way toward my goal, and ahead of schedule.

I had asked my Aunt Shirley if she wanted to help "sponsor me" this year by making a small donation to the Muskoka Literacy Council. She committed a certain amount (a very generous amount at that). Then, as I was thanking her, I mentioned that I was half-hoping to beat last year's record of 300 pages. She said, "If you do, I'll double my donation." I took her up on it. Then, when it came time to head to points northwest, my aunt asked when the funds were due for collection. I told her I had to bring them with me. So she gave me a cheque for double what she had originally committed and said that it was given "in good faith."

And wouldn't it figure...Last night, I was sidelined by a migraine. Paragraph by paragraph blundered from brain to page. I had to give up past midnight, four and a bit hours into the marathon with only about thirty pages. Things were not looking good.

This morning, feeling groggy and gruesome, I checked the "Boon Board." Mr. Kevin Craig was at page 70 when I walked in this morning just shy of 7:00 o'clock!

But it had exactly the effect I needed. He had a forty page lead, and I had fire in my guts. I would not be dethroned without a fight.

Last night, I was averaging about 1250 words per hour. Now, I'm averaging close to 2000. And best of all, during the lunch break, I caught Mr. Craig looking at my current page count of 100 even, and he uttered something funny as heck and very badly timed ("Uh, she's right behind you").

There's only twenty pages between us now, and I'm finally, fully awake.

And so, rolling over shortly to 2:00 p.m., I jump back into it again, with a goal of at least 150 pages tonight before bed. I've had my pizza, I've had my first pickle, and the first can of Monster Energy Drink is open at last.

Look out Mr. Craig. Mwaa ha.

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