Thursday, July 15, 2010

'Twas the Night before Marathon

'Twas the night before Marathon, and all through my head
Were worries and memories, full of joy mixed with dread.
The Rockstar was packed in the Kia with care
In hopes that yours truly lives up to the dare.

All the year long and all through the whole night,
I thought about this, our weekend to write.
"Who's coming this year," is the first of the set.
"How's Erin and family?" "Quite warm, I would bet."

"Will Martin still nap there?" "Will Paula compete?"
"Can we all go racing? 'Cause that would be sweet!"
"How do we get there? And will it be hot?
"Can we go to Crabby's? I like them a lot."

"And what shall I write? Can I write well enough?
"And how many pages?! Oh man, is this tough.
"Which story to write? This one? Maybe not...
"Oh heavens have mercy - I need a good plot!"

And then I remember what this is about:
It's the volunteer efforts of which I should tout.
The Council Muskokan of Literacy,
Writers assemble to champion thee!

So pick up your pencil and play your first tune,
And say a warm thank you to Ms. Paula Boon.
I thank all of you who help drive this success.
And hope all of our efforts, new readers shall bless.

For more information about the Muskoka Literacy Council, check out their website at

And even if you haven't supported this particular volunteer literacy organization, support one in your local area. This is a rapidly evolving, technologically driven economy, and sometimes, people get lost in the shuffle. Deficiencies in basic literacy, numeracy or computer skills can be insurmountable obstacles when entering or re-entering the workforce.

We help those who want to work. Help us to help themselves to a better future.

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  1. Love it! And thanks also to Ms. Karen Wehrstein, my co-convener.

    See you TOMORROW!