Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Launch Day this thing on? Uh...oh now? Wha - what, we're live? Oh! Hee hee...uh...

Crap...I'm out of ideas early on, aren't I? That's embarrassing...

Well, I guess I could start with some of the things I'm working on - namely...uh...getting back to the gym, going to work and not freaking out so much about the little things in life...

Oh, and then there's my "real" job, which is also my "unpaid" job...Which brings me back to why it's embarrassing to be caught speechless. I'm supposed to be a writer after all!

And being a "boundary free" author, tampering with Crime fiction, made-for-radio scripts and all manner of speculative fiction (science fiction and fantasy), you'd THINK I would have more to say! I wrote a 56,000 word book in 72 hours - I should be able to write a blog!

Oh, and then there are the events...

Let's see, there's Anticipation 2010 in Montreal this weekend - a big spec fiction "comicon" - I hate that's more than just comics for crying out loud!

And then there are the longer-term plans with the CWC - getting things ready for a November function for the Crime Writers of Canada in Montreal - helping to set up the 2010 Arthur Ellis Awards, which basically starts soon and goes right up until May 27th - attending and volunteering at the 2010 before the Bloody Words event in Toronto....

Oh yes, and Mady's barbeque this weekend.

Okay, whatever I said about not having anything interesting to say, just...y'know, forget I said it.

Why you should stay tuned to this blog:

1) I'm an information resource for authors of most genres (sorry, I don't do romance or erotica, I don't do poetry, and country/western is waaaaay beyond me)
2) I want to advertise more community events for readers and writers
3) I want to advertise writing contests (whenever I find them) - hopefully you'll find the one that will help you break into the market
4) I want to SHAMELESSLY SELF-PROMOTE! (Once I have something in print to sell, of course!)

Where else to find me:
Your local bookstore (coming soon...I hope!)

So stay tuned!

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