Tuesday, August 25, 2009

On pause

I know, it's been almost two weeks! Doubters will scoff and say, "Oh, she wasn't really into writing a blog after all, just another phase," blah blah blah - but I scoff back and say "Writing blogs while connected to the internet on an aircard is JUST not much fun."

Since the last post, I've been out to the Eastern Townships visiting an uncle, (David), 3 aunts (Shirley, Nancy and Sandra), 4 cousins (Heather, Andrew, Jen and Tim) and a cousin-in-law (Julie), 2 second cousins (Skyler and Titus), 2 ex-neighbours (one of whom was Samantha, whom I babysat when she was just yay high), and 1 chipmunk (who stepped on my foot but refused to identify himself, even after I said "Hello" - though it might have sounded more like "YAA!" at the time).

And now, I'm back in Oshawa, working (for real! day job and everything!), editing (what else is new), carpooling (thanks Tobin! nothing like conversation to make the traffic seem less trafficky) and visiting (1 mother, 1 Grampa, 1 Grandma, 1 bff with husband and child, several loosely assorted family members, 1 boss, 1 team, the local library and umpteen gazillion friends, at work or elsewhere).

In the time the last post, I've written another book, so NYAH - I think that's one mighty good excuse for not writing my blog! It took me a ridiculously long time to write (8 days), but I'm 85% satisfied with it. (Too silly yet - I have to scrape off about twenty-page of giddiness before I'm ready to offer it to anybody.)

So my next post should be when I return to Montreal (so, Monday-ish). After that, I have a whole bunch of fun things coming up, such as:
- "Relative" peace and quiet
- what "nine day wonder" really means
- the anatomy of the 72-hour novel
- Festival of Fear
- another "I am the punchline of the animal kingdom, here's proof" story
- anything else that happens to come up between now and then.

Stay tuned!

(And yes, I know, I have thing for brackets.)

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